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Regarding evince's app icon update, the branch in its MR was updated yesterday including the missing meson support[0], so it just needs to be reviewed and if everything is right merge it. :)

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El mié., 30 ene. 2019 a las 9:23, Carlos Soriano (<csoriano gnome org>) escribió:
Hi all,

We are quite close to 3.32 freezes! I thought it would be helpful for some maintainers and projects to summarize their 3.32 pressing issues that they could do with some help and see if someone in ddl would like to give a hand.

I basically went through the 3.32 milestone at GitLab, chatted with their maintainers and ordered these issues from top to bottom based on importance (loosely defined :-)).

Evince new icon and Meson - Part of the GNOME initiative for new icons. It's the last core app missing it. The maintainer would appreciate help figuring out how to include the svg icon with Meson. Deadline 4th February, UI freeze.
gnome-screenshot, retire app menu - Part of the GNOME initiative to remove app menus. There is a MR, needs some review. Deadline 4th February, UI freeze.
gjs, common crash on applications - A regression from previous version, seems to have a wide impact. The maintainer would appreciate help fixing it. Deadline 11th March, code freeze.
gnome-build-meta, get rid of python2 - Python2 support ends soon, this issue should be quite easy to do, it just requires some manpower. Deadline 11th March, code freeze.
gnome-calculator, don't connect to internet on startup - Calculator connects to internet on startup, which is not welcome by privacy-aware users. The maintainer would appreciate some help working on a solution. Deadline 11th March, code freeze.

Any help is appreciated on those issues! Let the maintainer or me know if you have any questions.

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