Re: Proposal: Replace all references to master/slave in GNOME modules

Hi Michael,

Je ĵaŭ, 2019-04-25 je 11:46 +1000, Michael Gratton skribis:
Hi all,

I'd like to formally propose as a GNOME Goal that GNOME modules replace 
references to the terms "master" and "slave".

I principally agree with this, if only because it makes the world a
slightly better place.

But I want to make the observation that not all "masters" are
slaveholders. Words can have multiple meanings. So while
"master"/"slave" terms as used in worker processes are probably due for
replacement, I do not think that all instances of "master" are

A webmaster is someone who is the boss/manager over a website, not a
slaveholder. As such, I think the replacement of such a term should be
considered separately, on different merits.

There are certain arguments to be made for replacing the term

- "Master" is traditionally masculine.
- "Master", as a word, is too easy to associate with slavery.
- "Master", as a word, manages to offend/insult people regardless of
its context.
- There are better terms.

I'm not saying these arguments are mine, or that they are the best
arguments, but that they could reasonably be made.

Specifically the Git master branch is a bit of a problem. I personally
think that "trunk" is a much better term, but I do not have _that_ much
of a problem with the word "master" in this context to do away with

Defaults and conventions matter. One reason I like GNOME so much is
because the defaults are amazing. And while "master" is a bit of a
sucky default, it still has a lot of weight as a default. And I
question whether it is worth the effort to change that default over a
tiny bit of suckiness.

So I suppose that, for it to be worth it to change the default branch
name, it needs to be demonstrated that the word "master" is harmful in
this specific context.

Alternatively, maybe Git upstream would be a much better place to
propose this change?

With kindness,

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