Help needed for testing the GNOME 3.30 Flatpak runtimes

Dear GNOME developers,

Two weeks ago GNOME 3.30 was released, but it was not accompanied with
a Flatpak runtime release. This is due to some changes that happened a
bit late in the release cycle.

The runtime was rebased on top of the Freedesktop 18.08 runtime, we
switched from using flatpak-builder to Buildstream [2], and the
flatpak runtimes are now built and pushed from the Gitlab CI of

The only major difference in the new runtimes is that we dropped gtk+
2. So applications that need it will have to keep using 3.28.

While all this is positive, the transition was not as smooth as we
would like and we had some problems. We fixed most of them thus far
and we think the runtime is ready for use.

However, the runtime didn't get enough testing, we need help to test
it. Please consider building and testing your apps against the 3.30
runtime before the stable release.

# Testing the SDK:

We have a new nightly repository at You can add it and
install the 3.30 rc runtimes by running

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists gnome-testing
flatpak install gnome-testing org.gnome.Sdk//3.30 org.gnome.Platform//3.30

(As of this writing, only x86_64 and i386 are available, arm and
aarch64 should follow soon)

Then in your flatpak manifests replace the "runtime-version" key with
"runtime-version": "3.30".

If you find any issues, please report them against gnome-build-meta
[3]. The faster you report them, the faster we can fix them and
release the runtime!

Last but not least, I'd like to thank Jordan Petridis for his help
fixing the issues during the past two weeks.

Happy hacking,

Abderrahim Kitouni,
GNOME Release Team


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