GitLab minor-reorganization to Community group

Hello all,

There's been an ongoing discussion about reorganizing the "community" top level group from containing both our community partner repos (purism, ubuntu, fedora) as well as a myriad of other repositories. As of right now, the Community top level is somewhat of a catch-all, and we have proposed a fix to split Community into both 'Community' and 'Teams' repositories, with the new 'Teams' top level being where we will organize all of our Foundation teams, i.e. Engagement, Design, Translation, Events, etc.

A direct link to the latest version of the proposal is linked blow. If you wish to read through the long backlog of discussion, feel free, though it's important to note the initial proposal was much more comprehensive, and this last version really only affects the repositories in that current Community group. Any talk of what to do with other top level groups is being shelved until a future time and isn't in the scope of this specific issue.

If nobody has objections to this proposal, in two weeks time I'd like to see this implemented.

Thanks all!

-Britt Yazel

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