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gitg has issue filed at least

El mié., 31 oct. 2018 a las 18:09, Allan Day (<aday gnome org>) escribió:
Hi everyone,

Hopefully everyone should be aware of the ongoing initiative to retire application menus. It's almost a month since I announced the initiative, so I wanted to provide a progress update.

The headline is that 23 out of 62 apps have had their app menus removed. A breakdown of the 39 apps that are still to be fixed:
  • Merge request pending: 7
  • Issue filed but no merge request: 6
  • No issue filed: 26
So we've made some good progress, but there's also a way to go. In particular, we're going to need help with those apps that might not be actively maintained. So, if you have time, do take a look at the list and help out, either by filing issues or fixing them.

A full list of unfixed apps is in the footer to this email.


Apps that still have app menus

Pending merge request
  • cheese
  • eog
  • gnome-characters
  • gnome-mahjongg
  • gnome-sudoku
  • nautilus
  • polari
Issue filed
  • gnome-calendar
  • gnome-photos
  • gnome-screenshot
  • gnome-system-monitor
  • rhythmbox
  • totem
  • gnome-disk-utility
  • yelp
No issue filed
  • accerciser
  • evolution?
  • file-roller
  • four-in-a-row
  • geary
  • gitg
  • gnome-chess
  • gnome-dictionary
  • gnome-documents
  • gnome-klotski
  • gnome-multi-writer
  • gnome-nettool
  • gnome-nibbles
  • gnome-robots
  • gnome-sound-recorder
  • gnome-taquin
  • gnome-tetravex
  • gnome-tweaks
  • gnome-usage
  • gnome-weather
  • hitori
  • iagno
  • quadrapassel
  • tali
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