Re: Migration of GNOME to GitLab is now completed

Hi Carlos,

thanks a lot for this awesome work! I really love the new GitLab and its
issue management features.



On 29/05/18 19:00, Carlos Soriano wrote:
Hello all,

I'm glad to announce that the GNOME migration to GitLab is now completed!

Cgit and <> are now officially gone.
Everyone should be using GitLab for any new operations, including new
bugs and git repositories. Bugzilla will stay with redirections for
new bugs and old bugs will be still be able to be managed for years to
come (some people were confused by my wording here, feel free to ask
me for clarification).

Apart of some hickups with glib-networking and some redirection
issues, the migration went well. Honestly better than expected.

I want to take the opportunity to say thank you all for the effort on
this adventure that we have been working together for 1 year and a
half (yeah, that long!). I'm proud of our community that despite the
difficulty of this kind of change and even if we disagreed here and
there, we have put our shoulders together to move forward until we
have achieved it. Again, thanks all.

Things will be still in a bit of flux, and there are some project that
have special requests for bugs that I'll try to manage on the upcoming
month, so expect still a bit of movement.

Don't hesitate reaching to me if you have any question or thought.

Carlos Soriano

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