Re: [GitLab] IMPORTANT: Mass migration plan

On Fri, 2018-03-23 at 08:17 +0000, philip chimento gmail com wrote:
You can test this for yourself on

I have only one login there, I cannot impersonate anyone, and I didn't
feel like I could try it with other issues, but I did now.

No subscribers are auto-added. Only user E will be subscribed to
#345, because they commented there.

Hmm, I've a different result. I used:
(oops, they both are #3, but in different "groups").

Before I did anything, my issue contained only 2 participants, 'mcrha'
and 'C' and the GNOME/test contained only one participant 'Carlos'.
Then I added a comment into my issue: "trying mentions behaviour with
GNOME/test#3". After this the set of participants in my issue didn't
change, but I've been added into the GNOME/test issue and I have
enabled notifications on it. It's something I really do not want to,
the less the bug squad folks (eeks, does it still exist?). Note even
the new fake comment had been added into the GNOME/test issue (I had it
opened in a different tab at the time I wrote the comment in my issue),
the list of participants and the state of enabled notifications updated
only after I refreshed the page, by clicking the issue number at the
top of the page.

I find it more useful to have the "Mentioned in issue #123" item than
to not have it. The items are gray in order to be less prominent than
actual comments from users, so surely you can just ignore them?

Right, there are just cases where it makes sense and where not. As it
cannot be easily determined per case, then yes, I can learn to ignore
them. :)

I found all this out and more, by reading the help page.

You are right, my fault I didn't look on it myself first. I'm sorry.
For example, I even noticed there's also a "Move issue" button in the
interface, which is a shame I didn't see it earlier.

One thing I didn't find in the manual, or I might just overlook it, is
there an easy way to write the comment text in a preformatted mode? I
know I can use <pre></pre> in the comment like here (both with and
without shown there):
but I'm afraid I cannot teach each single user to use it when I ask
them to paste a backtrace into the comment (why should a regular user
know anything about HTML tags in the first please?), that would be
exhausting for all involved parties. I prefer backtraces in comments,
because it's easier with respect of searching and finding (possible)

Thank you for your time and patience with me again.


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