Re: Check your default window size!


On Mon, 2018-03-19 at 16:49 -0500, mcatanzaro gnome org wrote:
Sometimes it's easy for a developer to forget what a new user sees
when opening an app for the first time.

I agree, the first impression is important.

Some of our apps (*cough* email clients *cough*)

I hope you get better with that coughing soon, just do not
underestimate it.

have default window sizes that are waaay too small. Check yours out!
Increase the default window size if needed.

Well, in case of Evolution, there is no default window size. What it
opens with is the size calculated by gtk+, just like for any other
dialog, thus the minimum required size for the widgets in the window.
What might look odd with high-resolution devices is pretty fine for
low-resolution devices. What is the correct default value then? I guess
there's none good, none which would work for all devices.

Maybe "workaround" it by setting the window to open maximized by
default? That's the way GNOME work flow looks like these days anyway,
focus on one thing only, right? That won't work when user unmaximizes
the window, but at least the first impression will be somewhat sane.
How can one do that in GSettings, when the key, which is used to store
the last window size, is declared as:

    <child name="window" schema="org.gnome.evolution.window"/>

Can the <child /> be expanded with any defaults from the linked schema?
Maybe it can, but I do not know it (the documentation for relocatable
schemas doesn't mention it and I do not want each key using this
relocatable schema to have the same defaults (all windows maximized by
default)) and I hesitate to do a change in the code to cover the
default values. 

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