Re: About lib version and git

On Tue, 2018-01-16 at 18:01 +0100, Daniel García Moreno wrote:

Currently we've the stable 0.5.3 in master and the API break changes
a new branch called next. I want to move all development to master
keep tags for stable versions, but I don't know if that movement will
break gnome building with continuous or jhbuild.


1. It's recommended to use the same version number as gnome or should
continue to use my own version?

It's fine to use your own version.

You'll want to create a stable branch called libgepub-0.5 or something
like that from master, then merge next to master, and proceed
development in master.

After you have created the branch, push a change to the jhbuild
modulesets to let them know about the stable branch.

There's details on all of this in

2. If we move the api break changes to master it's recommended to
upgrade the version number or it's better to change just before the
release? I think we should upgrade the API version as soon as we add
API breaks to it.

It doesn't really matter when you do it.  There are some important

* Make sure the new header files are parallel-installable with the old

* Make sure the soname in the library changes.  Grep for LT_VERSION
here: - although I'm
not sure how this works in Meson.

Just to avoid apps that use the old API to inadvertently try to
compile/link with the new one.


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