GitLab, moving non-GNOME projects currently hosted on


I would like to move all the projects I maintain to
Currently those projects are hosted on, but not all of
them are officially part of GNOME.

When looking at:
the best group that fits is "Incubator", but I'll probably not setup CI
directly. "Incubator" is also a strange name for a 9-years old stable

I could put those projects on my personal namespace:<project>
but I don't like that because in the future there can be other
maintainers, I don't want to link the project with me.

On all the projects were located in a neutral location:<project>
There were no groups. It was just a flat list, the groups were defined
in the *.doap files.

Now on GitLab with the groups, each time that a project is moved from
one group to another, the URLs change, and everybody needs to adapt the
git remote in their local clone.

Isn't there a better solution? What do you recommend?


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