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question about commits-list:

Is there any plan to restore option to subscribe to commits for projects that has moved to gitlab?

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 7:14 PM, Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org> wrote:
Hello all,

Today we hit a milestone, three of the biggest projects in GNOME has been migrated, most of our core apps has been migrated, and with this all the projects that were part of the deal with GitLab has been migrated.

So allow me to do a short clap 👏.

Projects migrated today

- GNOME Shell
- Mutter
- GNOME Software
- GNOME Contacts
- GNOME Tweaks, previously known as gnome-tweak-tool
- gnome-themes-extra, previously known as gnome-themes-standard


- Show keyboard shortcuts: press <?> while not editing text. You can also check out the upstream docs.
- Mark as duplicate: Use quick actions in a new comment i.e. "/duplicate #issue_number". If you want to apply a label such as "duplicate", you can also use "~label_name". Read more about quick actions in the upstream docs.
- Update a MR: Simply force push the branch with "git push -f". Read more about the workflow for GNOME in our docs.

Question of the week

Since the question from the previous week didn't reach a clear agreement, let's try a last effort on it, since it's the only one that we will most probably cannot revert in short term.

The discussion is about what name to use for our groups, specifically for the current GNOME group. If you agree GNOME is a great name and the issues raised are not that much of an issue, please say so too. Comment your thoughts and ideas on the discussion.

Carlos Soriano

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