Re: GitLab postmortem

It was a huge improvement. Now is really easy for many different skilled  people to contribute. 

I just miss a good global code search, (which I use all the time in similar services to check real usages of gtk or vala for example)

I miss to be able to include chunks of code with an URL or markdown tag in issue comments

Appart from that, all feels great

El mar., 11 dic. 2018 14:23, Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org> escribió:

It has been a few months since we moved to GitLab. Apart of spurious issues, specific annoyances and frustrations, seems it has been generally good. I would like to gather some general feeling about it. Things that really made a constant impact to you and your work, both bad or good. Feel free to provide feedback about the transition or the administration of GitLab instance too. Free form.

Please keep the mail chain one way from you towards the world, so we don't get trapped on specifics, we can address stuff raised here individually out of list. Personally, I'll ping you on IRC or so if I can do something to help.

Of course, feel free to msg me directly on IRC/email too.

Thanks all!
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