Re: [GitLab] Duplicates handling, feedback for meeting with GitLab

Hi Carlos,

thanks for leading this meeting. I believe you're covering the most important points, and have nothing to add.

With respect,

Em ter, 3 de abr de 2018 às 11:29, Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org> escreveu:
Hello all,

I'm having a meeting with GitLab on Friday about what we are missing for duplicates handling as part of one of the high priority items. I identified the following points (upstream comment):

* There is no UI for creating duplicates, like a button or so, but rather is semi-hidden with slash commands.
* There is not clear UI that shows the duplicate status of the bug report when browsing or searching bug reports, neither indication for to which report is duplicated to.
* It's not possible to filter out duplicated bug reports when searching and/or listing.
* There is not clear UI that lists the duplicated bugs linked to a single report in order for the maintainer and bug triaging team to have a single source where to look for more comments and cases about that issue.
* There is no duplicate creation prevention, as Bugzilla does providing possible duplicates when the user tries to create a bug report.

Any other points I should bring up? Thoughts on those listed here?

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