GitLab: Status update

Hello all,

Another status update of the GitLab initiative.

We finally created a script and applied a sync between LDAP and GitLab users. Now every GNOME member with LDAP account has now developer permission in, so everyone can officially start using most of the features and issue/project handling of GitLab :)

We have moved few more projects to GitLab. Most prominently, GJS and GNOME Todo. You can see all the migrated projects from GNOME here.

We agreed and deployed labels for GNOME. You can see them also together with project labels in for example Nautilus, and also you can take a look to a real life example of issues in Nautilus. Discussion has been happening in this issue and you are welcome to give feedback and comments. It's important to participate since this will be eventually what you will work with.

Some people asked me how they can help and if I have a ToDo list, so I spent some time writing down the most important tasks. You can participate and help in what interest you most and I will really appreciate taking out some weight from me on this initiative. Feel free to ping me for any of those tasks.

I created milestones for GNOME too. I hope this helps the release team to track blockers, and us to keep an eye in the dates of the releases and what issues we really want to fix. We need to discuss whether this is useful as is for the release team and for us, so feel free to open an issue if you have a comment about milestones.

The current status of the pilot program is that we are not accepting more projects for now. We are blocking in some upstream GitLab issues. You can take a look at the tracker bug for upstream GitLab issues. We are blocking specifically in the first two tasks of the first point. Fortunately the fixes for those are coming in two weeks. However we are also blocking in the first three tasks of the tasks on our side I linked in the email before, most importantly to figure out and write down our fast forward + clean git history workflow, and you can help in that!

That's it from now, remember that if you have any comments you can use the wiki, or if it's more like an issue with our GitLab set up you can file an issue here. For any question you can answer to this email or ping me.

Carlos Soriano
GNOME Foundation
Treasurer, Board of Directors

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