Re: <DKIM> Include GNOME Usage in the future releases

Hi Felipe,

I just gave a quick look at the application and it looks great! I could see myself using it over baobab or System Monitor, despite how much I like these applications. ☺

During my quick test I encountered many crashes. The application would benefit from broader testing and including it as a demo version in a GNOME release would clearly bring, but having it part of a GNOME release means branding it to the end users. I would suggest to first get the app in a more stable test by promoting its usage inside the community before even discussing whether it should be part of a GNOME release or not, at least for the next month.

Adrien Plazas

Le lun. 16 oct. 2017 à 16:27, Felipe Borges <felipeborges gnome org> a écrit :
Hi everyone, We have been discussing for quite some time the inclusion of GNOME Usage in the GNOME release, initially as a "demo". The project has been evolving quite fast and it is expected to have an Outreachy student working on it as well. This way, I would like to know whether there are any objections regarding the $subject. Ideally we would ship it as a demo in GNOME 3.28, but it would be a good test to include it in the 3.27.x series too. Thanks, Felipe. _______________________________________________ desktop-devel-list mailing list desktop-devel-list gnome org

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