Re: GNOME Modulesets migrating to BuildStream

On 11/09/2017 03:20 AM, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

This cut off wont happen in 2017, but will happen before the release of
GNOME 3.28 stable. From now on, we will be creating the development
releases using BuildStream.

I'm all for seeing the BuildStream conversion happen. But I do have some concerns regarding the timeline.

Many of us have been pushing hard to improve developer workflow. It appears that BuildStream will, very soon, be a great tool in that endeavor.

However, many of us plan our cycles before the cycle starts so that we ensure we have time to implement features without burning out. We're already two months into the 3.28 cycle and not far away from the beginning of freezes. Doubly so when you take into account winter holidays.

This change will undoubtedly affect those of us working on tooling, newcomer documentation, and worflow. So I'm somewhat concerned that I'm having, what appears to be, a large amount of work dropped on my plate mid-cycle if Builder is to not degrade in usefulness for GNOME developers.

How can we ensure that this change happens without breaking Builder users using the jhbuild runtime?

If I somehow miraculously find time to both learn BuildStream and automate it in Builder's nightly builds, that still means we have to get people using Nightly instead of the stable release. That sort of ties my hands in terms of stability in git master, but in the realm of possibility.

Change of this magnitude is a lot of work and we all value the amount of effort you're putting into this.


-- Christian

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