Re: Proposal for reducing the number of unremovable apps in GNOME Software

On 2017-11-04 01:03, mcatanzaro gnome org wrote:

Currently about half of the GNOME core apps are unremovable in GNOME
Software. It's the set of apps that are not new additions to core over
the past two years, but at this point that's entirely arbitrary. So we
need to find a better criterion for determining what should and should
not be unremovable.

A little oddity I ran into while trying out an atomic system was that
the Shell would lead to dead links for things like Weather, Clocks and
Calendar. All three of those are reachable from the
Day/Time/Notification menu.
So in some sense, gnome-shell depends on them, user experience-wise.
Could also be that the actual bug in this case is that she shell should
not show Weather, World Clocks, etc. if these apps are not installed, or
not make it a link or something along those lines.
- Andreas

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