Re: Possible broken parser for slideshow background xml

On 21/05/17 03:20 PM, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> >> What was your question then, I don't understand.

From an extract inside a custom  /usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default-animated/f26-fast.xml based on f26-backgrounds-26.2.2 [1] if needed to reproduce the problem:

        <size width="1920" height="1200">/usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default-animated/tv-wide/f26-00-dawn.png</size>
        <size width="1920" height="1080">/usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default-animated/wide/f26-00-dawn.png</size>
        <size width="2048" height="1536">/usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default-animated/standard/f26-00-dawn.png</size>
        <size width="1280" height="1024">/usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default-animated/normalish/f26-00-dawn.png</size>
        <size width="1920" height="1200">/usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default-animated/tv-wide/f26-01-day.png</size>
        <size width="1920" height="1080">/usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default-animated/wide/f26-01-day.png</size>
        <size width="2048" height="1536">/usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default-animated/standard/f26-01-day.png</size>
        <size width="1280" height="1024">/usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default-animated/normalish/f26-01-day.png</size>

The simple question is why the path from "from" tag failed to display as illustrated on the video linked on the bug report?

I filed the bug report in
case( as the issue can
be reproduced.

You can test with the latest

> You'll want to CC: the mailing list as well.

Done. I realize the mailing list lacks the option to "reply to list".  See
I may wrong about the cause but I thought visually showcasing the problem with an extract of code may help.
Thanks for help.

Luya Tshimbalanga
Graphic & Web Designer
E: luya fedoraproject org

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