Re: Proposal to deploy GitLab on

On 2017-05-16 07:10 PM, Mattias Bengtsson wrote:
How did you install GitLab? We use the omnibus RPM package for CentOS
and have had no dependency problems while upgrading from some 7.x
release all the way to 9.1.x over the last few years. A lot come
bundled in the omnibus package and the rest gets installed from the
host operating system repositories.

There's the difference. I don't trust the current omnibus package, so I install from source. That decision is old, but at the time we installed, there wasn't an omnibus package.

In general, IMO it's not appropriate to run whatever random libraries they threw into their package. It's very large, and if you don't use the host specifically for gitlab, it gets tricky using it with port 80 and 443 with Apache.

A proper package would rely on system libraries only.

Could it be that Debian stable is just very old?

I think it's proper to expect at least a 3 year lifecycle out of software that runs on a server, no? Can you imagine if Windows Server 2012 was considered too old for a package equivalent to Gitlab? That just wouldn't happen.

Anyway, this is getting off-topic. Using the only appropriate install method for this package takes considerable effort.


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