Re: gtk-doc goes python

A quick status update. Now everything is python, yeah! There seem to be
some issues with python-2.X vs. 3.X still. For now 2.X is better tested.
Please report issues as usual. I'll do some more cleanup and then we
will release this. In the next cycle we make the code actually look like
python (right now it is a 1:1 port).


On 03/30/2017 09:51 PM, Stefan Sauer wrote:

as a heads up - Jussi Pakkanen and I are rewriting gtkdoc to python. The
shell scripts are already gone (so running gtkdoc won't need a shell
anymore). At the same time we're modernizing it a bit and adding more
and proper tests. This is all very much work in progress though. If we
break something, please ping us in irc (#gtkdoc) or file a bug. Also
help is very welcome.


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