Re: Stackexchange community for GNOME/GTK+

Hi Sri,

Le 2017-05-10 06:51, Sriram Ramkrishna a écrit :
I'm creating a stackexchange community for the GNOME platform and the GTK+ toolkit. I'm looking for help in subscribing to the forum and of course some people who would be willing to answer questions. We have three days to build 5 followers and build about 5-10 questions that can be answered. After that to get to the next phase, we will need 50 followers and 40 good
questionsI have some folks who are also willing to monitor and answer

WHY: We need to have a search engine index-able library of knowledge on our platform. Modern programmers today frequently use stackexchange and
google to ask questions and to look for answers for questions.

Today, questions are answered in mailing lists and irc. Neither one are search engine friendly and common questions are often repeated and their answers not shared. Let's build a persistent body of knowledge that people can easily find and lower the bar of entry in writing applications in GNOME
or GTK+.

while I definitely agree stackexchange could be an answer to the frequently asked questions problem, putting the GTK+ and GNOME together in there bothers
me a bit.

GTK+ already has many questions and answers on stackoverflow. Don't you
think adding a new communication channel would add a bit of confusion on
where to ask questions? I think it would also hide GTK+ away to people asking more generic questions on UI toolkits, or for GTK+ on platforms other than Linux, when Qt and wxWidgets for example are on stackoverflow and don't have
their own stackexchange.


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