Re: Clarification on license of gdbus-codegen generated code

* Generated by gdbus-codegen %s. DO NOT EDIT.
* The license of this code is the same as for the source it was derived

I'm looking for a clarification on the term "source" here. Is it the
XML D-Bus interface description?

I am not a significant copyright holder on gdbus-codegen, but I believe
the intention is to say that the "source" refers to the introspection XML
(D-Bus interface description) that is its input, the output is licensed
the same as that input, and putting it through gdbus-codegen does not
result in any new copyright interest or new licensing.

Thanks :)

(In other words, just like the way you use gcc to compile foo.c to foo.o,
and foo.o is assumed to have the same license as foo.c.)

Yes, that would also be my understanding of the sentence. Unfortunately I would need a clear statement on that because I'm besieged by important persons on this
topic ;)

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