Brasero shouldn't look for dvdcss_inerface_2

I am aware that brasero has been left unmaintained for quite some time. It
still happens to be a very useful program with the exception of one
bug--failing to find libdvdcss because it checks for a symbol,
dvdcss_interface_2, which was dropped from libdvdcss about three years ago.

Several distributions are already patching around this in their packaging:
Ubuntu -
Debian -
Fedora -

If anyone has a moment, and the authority, to patch this in it would be
much appreciated.

--- brasero-3.12.1/plugins/dvdcss/burn-dvdcss.c
+++ brasero-3.12.1/plugins/dvdcss/burn-dvdcss.c
@@ -95,8 +95,6 @@
     if (!module)
         goto error_doesnt_exist;

-    if (!g_module_symbol (module, "dvdcss_interface_2", &address))
-        goto error_version;

     if (!g_module_symbol (module, "dvdcss_open", &address))
         goto error_version;

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