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Hey Meg,

I am curious, is there any particular reason why we want to open the logo beyond the current fair use protection?

It seems to me that by opening it we may be enabling unpredictable harming uses of our most important piece of identity. I do not think it is comparable to GTK or icon themes in terms of licensing requirements.

There has been many instances of us protecting our brand by asking people to stop using our logo for commercial purposes, CC-BY-SA/LGPLv3 does grant precisely the right to use it commercially.

Isn't it better if we keep it under standard copyright restrictions so that the community can reserve the choice to decide discretionarely which commercial uses are harming and which aren't?

An example where I think this is harmful is that we may lose the opportunity to monetize third party entities producing tshirts, stickers or any other materials for sale, this would allow anyone selling those without us being able to get any monetary contributions back, unless it was out of goodwill.

I don't see how open sourcing our logo solves any pressing problems, but I do see how it would put ourselves in situations we may not like, once licensed like that there's no going back so I'd be very careful about this.

My personal opinion is that our identity items (trademark and logo) should stay protected by copyright and fair use as it is right now.

2017-03-10 23:44 GMT+00:00 meg ford <meg387 gmail com>:

Recently the licensing of the GNOME logo has come up in board discussions. The asset is currently trademarked but we do not have a license for it as far as we can determine [0]. We would like to propose licensing the asset with dual LGPLv3/CC-BY-SA-4.0. This is similar to the license used by the adwaita-icon-theme. Before moving forward with this, we decided to ask the community for feedback regarding the proposal. Does anyone have comments/suggestions/objections? 


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