Re: Hello && About Maintainership of Gtranslator

On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 12:14 PM Muhammet Kara <muhammetk gmail com> wrote:
That said, Muhammet, if you don't have a lot of experience programming yet, then something that might help you is to look for a co-maintainer to learn from, or maybe even just someone(s) willing to do code review regularly on your patches. I'm a big believer in teaching and learning through code review, and it has certainly helped me avoid mistakes many times. Or talk to previous maintainers as Sebastien suggests.

I have a little experience, but a lot to learn. An experienced co-maintainer would be fantastic to learn from, but the code reviews would also be very helpful, and much appreciated.

I am ready to work independently on Gtranslator in my free time, but I need the acceptance/approval of the community for me undertaking this job/role, and some kind help from the experienced developers/maintainers until I get on track.

I'm not really familiar with Gtranslator but I would certainly be willing to help out with an occasional code review. Find me as "ptomato" on #gnome-hackers. One skill I can offer, that carries easily across projects, is that I can review build system patches, especially with regards to cleaning up existing Autotools code.

For a co-maintainer, you probably want to find someone who is more invested in Gtranslator itself.

Philip C

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