Re: is now available via Matrix (was: Re: Thoughs about communication)

Yeah this is so awesome! 

/Mattias - who just deleted his IRCCloud account 

Den 3 mars 2017 1:57 em skrev "Emmanuele Bassi" <ebassi gmail com>:
Thanks ever so much for this work, Matthew. It's really a great
addition to the communication channels for GNOME, and hopefully people
will start using Matrix much more. :-)


On 2 March 2017 at 19:32, Matthew Hodgson <matthew matrix org> wrote:
> On 03/02/2017 15:57, Matthew Hodgson wrote:
>>> On 3 Feb 2017, at 13:00, Alexandre Franke <afranke gnome org>
>>> Matthew, anything blocking the bridging on our side?
>> Nothing blocking at all; it's all on our side, which has ended up
>> blocked on FOSDEM - we've had to prioritise a sprint to ship new
>> releases for FOSDEM and are currently all on trains to Brussels. It's
>> top of the IRC bridging backlog and we should get to it early next
>> week. Sorry for the delay...
> Hi all,
> We've finally set up a bridge hosted by that links GIMPNet into
> Matrix (as per the earlier bits of this thread).  Sorry that it took so long
> to happen: FOSDEM ended up being even crazier than we expected, and we've
> spent the last month handling the traffic increases and operational
> excitements that came off the back of it.
> The bridge has been set up to provide access to all of GIMPNet through
> matrix room aliases of form:
>  #_gimpnet_${channelname}
> e.g.
> The easiest way to use the new bridge is probably through Riot, the current
> flagship Matrix client: URLs for direct access to a room via riot-web are of
> the form:
> You can also join using "/join" style syntax, or
> using the graphical room directory (button linked from the bottom left).
> We haven't turned on guest access on the bridge, so users are forced to
> register an account (and go through a captcha) before joining channels.
> You can spot folks connecting via Matrix as by default they have a [m]
> suffix on their nickname.
> Feedback very welcome!  We are still in beta, and very interested in making
> sure it fits the bill for communities like GNOME :)
> Matthew
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