Re: Pilot GitLab program

On Wed, 2017-06-28 at 10:15 +0200, Carlos Soriano wrote:
a) I often move bugs between products, aka user files it for product A,
   but the issue (and actual commit) is in product B, thus it's moved,
   by ~3 clicks

How is this missing In GitLab?

I do not use GitLab, thus I do not know. That's why I'm asking (missing
question mark and actual question, I'm sorry). I understand it as
"possible", thus okay. And it also means no unique numbers for
No. Negative filtering (idk how to call it properly, but removing
from search specific terms) is something I'm interested to bring up
to GitLab team. Eventually we will need this for duplicates.

It's not exactly negative filtering on bugzilla, it filters for bugs
with: bug_status=UNCONFIRMED & bug_status=NEW & bug_status=ASSIGNED &

Hope you understand a change without compromises is not possible.

Sure. As always, it's about the change. Once I get to it, and change my
developed work flow for years, the fallout will not be that drastic as
at the beginning. The thing (for me) is that if I have fine tuned work
flow which I really use for years, every single day, then change it
will not be any fun. Again, for me. Call me an old school, I'm fine
with it :)


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