Re: Transmitter - GUI for transmission-daemon and transmission-remote

Hi everyone
I've been working on a GUI app, called Transmitter, for transmission-daemon and transmission-remote.
For those who don't know: transmission-daemon and transmission-remote are by the same author of Transmission, a torrent app.
I made this app for 3 reasons:
1. To use the latest Gtk+.
2. To revamp the UI, keeping in mind the GNOME's HIG.
3. To provide a "keep running in background" option, just like Polari.

GitLab repository:

I've showed the app to the creator of Transmission (, but I'm not sure if they are interested in it.

The current process of communication between Transmitter and transmission-daemon is via creating subprocesses of transmission-remote. The transmission-remote will output information in text format, and Transmitter will parse this information.

It's still incomplete, but I have already implemented many operations, such as launch the daemon during initialization, query torrent information, add torrent by magnet link, pause and resume a torrent.

I'm posting here in hope this could be added as an official GNOME app in the future.

* Btw, I don't know if this is the correct list to post this. I've adderessed this in the engagement-list in the "community input..." thread.

Best regards,
Felipe Ferreira da Silva

I believe we've already spoken and I've mentioned my transmission remote client for gnome also:

Anyway I don't think either of our clients need any sort of GNOME blessing, it isn't like they are useful applications to
recommend installing out of the box on distros and you already get the free infrastructure with the GNOME gitlab now
so there isn't really much to differentiate being "official" or not.

Side note the RPC protocol is rather simple so I think it is probably not ideal to constantly spawn `transmission-remote`
instead of just speaking directly.

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