Re: GitLab update: Moving to the next step

On Thu, 2017-12-07 at 17:50 +0000, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
I seriously doubt you were born with innate knowledge of Bugzilla -

it sounds like you consider an intuitive interface something obscure.
Well, it's intuitive at least for me.

even though Bugzilla's feature set is basically limited to what you
see in the page.

Yes, that's basically the main part of it. I definitely do not know all
the features bugzilla can do, but the basic parts I use I didn't need
to search for in a manual, they were just there, on the screen.

Like with the shortcuts in the interface of GitLab. I definitely know
how to click on [reply] in bugzilla, but I do not know how to press 'r'
(or any key to be considered a shortcut of this kind) on a tablet. I
didn't try it and it probably doesn't matter.

If you let me to make a side note, maybe it's similar to the reason why
I never got to use Blender. It's a very powerful tool, but it requires
to know so many shortcuts to be able to use it (I didn't try to use it
for a long time, thus my information can be outdated). It can be great
for professionals and people using it every day, but when it comes to
newbies like me, then I'm completely lost. What I need are basic
things. I can compare it with Rhino3D, I can do most of those basic
things with a mouse, everything is in the interface, I do not need to
know special shortcuts and when I open the software half year later I
still can do it without refreshing my memory too much. I do not want to
change subject, that's just an analogy I recalled and it is possibly
highly inaccurate, thus forgive me if you consider it as such, please.

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