Re: GNOME Build situation and BuildStream

Hi Tristan,

For application or library developers (libraries used by applications),
I'm a bit struggling to see what the workflow will look like with

I've described two examples of my current workflow in this mail:
"builddir != srcdir in jhbuild breaks my workflow"

See also:
"Equivalent of recursive make with meson/ninja?"

With BuildStream you're talking about launching a VM. It's quite a big
change compared to how applications are launched with jhbuild.

So, can you describe a little more how the workflow would look like for
application developers using the terminal (not an IDE)?

With jhbuild, when we enter into a jhbuild shell we are still in the
same directory, usually inside the git repository. With builddir ==
srcdir we have all the files that we can directly open with our
preferred text editor. When we open a new terminal tab, we are in the
same directory where we are able to 1) do git commands 2) building (with
recursive make) 3) launching executables 4) editing files, etc.

With BuildStream, will it be similar?


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