Multimedia keys API regression in gnome-settings-daemon 3.24


After splitting up gnome-settings-daemon in small independent daemons
for the GNOME 3.24 release, making it more robust and easier to debug,
a regression was discovered in gnome-settings-daemon's multimedia keys
plugin, which handles, well, multimedia keys and offers up an API for

For around 6 years, the API implemented by the multimedia keys plugin
did not match the API documentation for it. A work-around was put in
place for GNOME 3.24, and a fix for both development and older versions
is available to make the implemented API match the documented one.

Forward compatibility for GNOME 3.22:

Work-around for GNOME 3.24:

Fix for GNOME 3.26:

The downside of this is that applications will need to be modified to
use the D-Bus name as documented since 2011, rather than the cargo-
culted D-Bus name that was used.

The patches are small enough but they will be numerous.

Examples for totem:
and rhythmbox:


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