Gnome3 shell is still poor, needs changes

Hello everybody.
I'm a old user of unity7
I am new here, well I wanted to share with you the reason for my resistance to the use of gnome3.

I was gnome user when this was gnome2.

When this arrived I felt very frustrated by the interface with no functionality.
I was kind of frustrated when I came back from unity7 to gnome 3.20. It gave me the impression that nothing has changed since the release of gnome3.
But let's go.

1 You need to organize this shell structure. There is no sorting filter
2º The dock disappears all the time. (I know there is a "dash to dock" ). That is not a way to easy hold this together with a browser
3º There is not a easy way to keyboard shortcuts like unit7 does(to show the help from keyboard shortcuts unity we just need need to hold the window botton (super) by 3 at 5 seconds to show a graphic help.
4º The problem of 2º problem is because if i have 30 windows opened and i just want to see the tree from only one like nautilus windows i need to open the windows botton and see all windows togetther, this is a problem.

I hope I have helped

I'm not adept at putting extension to change anything, I'm very uncomfortable with that.
Please do not get frustrated with me.

Some fetures from this link are something we would like have as default

Erik Chendo Tegon

Web Page :

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