Librsvg 2.40.17 is released (thumbnailer fix)

I've just released librsvg 2.40.17.  This is *NOT* the Rust series;
this is the traditional C-only library.

This version has a fix for gnome-desktop-thumbnailer for GNOME 3.24,
courtesy of Jeremy Bicha.

Librsvg 2.40.17 is available here:

SHA-256 hashes:

6d0c4046aa3360a01fc18de8dcdce36a6a69b9eb6c731246f2a05d9ebad411ae  librsvg-2.40.17.changes
e6f6c5cbecc405bb945c7cd15061276035ae3173bbb3bb25e8a916779c7f69cc  librsvg-2.40.17.tar.xz



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