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Not much to discuss.

Common sense prevailed. Best technology and approach prevailed. And while I had my reservations towards Unity, they didn't much wrong as they lack some visual approach which resonated better with unexplainable cool factor for me. Despite all that lot of Linux newcomers new Unity and recognised it and said it was good. I think in first years both Unity and GNOME Shell borrowed a lot from each other and just made them better. This competition allowed for GNOME 3 to grow into more unified platform than GNOME 2 and understand our direction better.

I think this is best outcome out of this. Ubuntu is still biggest name in Linux world. GNOME is best desktop for common users for Linux platform. Ditching our differences and looking forward to work together to improve platform and make it just better is what we should do now. Despite everything, I think Mark has been overall very positive force in Linux desktop world and him recognising that GNOME has "won" (not really, just I think it is best way to move forward together) allows me to recognise it again.

Peteris Krisjanis.

2017-04-05 21:34 GMT+03:00 Kunaal Jain <kunaalus gmail com>:
In case you missed, here is a very hard to digest and interesting
article by Mark

Interesting quote from article is : "I took the view that, if
convergence was the future and we could deliver it as free software,
that would be widely appreciated both in the free software community
and in the technology industry, where there is substantial frustration
with the existing, closed, alternatives available to manufacturers. I
was wrong on both counts.
In the community, our efforts were seen fragmentation not innovation.
And industry has not rallied to the possibility, instead taking a
‘better the devil you know’ approach to those form factors, or
investing in home-grown platforms. What the Unity8 team has delivered
so far is beautiful, usable and solid, but I respect that markets, and
community, ultimately decide which products grow and which disappear."

Would love to have a community discussion on this!

Kind Regards,
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