Help Needed | Conferences for 2017 and 2018

Hi all, 

The Engagement Team is putting together a list of conferences that our community hopes to attend in 2017 and 2018. 

Please take a look at our list so far and add any events and conferences that we are missing. These should be ones you think are important for the GNOME Project to have a presence at. The list is included below and the wiki page is here:

Why do we want a list? 
We want to make sure people feel empowered to represent GNOME all over the world at conferences and events! This means supporting the community with resources (e.g. $$ for marketing materials, ideas on how to run a booth, help with speeches, etc). 

We also want to attend some strategic events to make sure that GNOME is seen as the vibrant and awesome organization that it is. If we know which conferences are coming up, we can try to target strategic ones and work with people attending to get materials that will make GNOME look baller.

We need your help
After we create this list, we'll need your help to attend strategic events. We obviously prefer for locals to attend events close to them, but we have a travel fund for a reason. 

Also - here's a shameless plug for the Engagement Team ;) If you're interested in helping us plan for conferences and event outreach, please us know. We have a lot of ideas for how to have a bigger presence all over the world - and we need more people to help execute on those ideas. We need you.

Thanks in advance!


Events in 2017 
The full list, and the 2018 schedule, can be found here:


  • Libre Graphics Meeting (Rio) - looking for attendees


  • Linuxfest Northwest - looking for attendees
  • OpenSUSE conference - looking for attendees



  • GUADEC (UK) - placeholder for calendering purposes

  • Open Source Bridge (Portland)
  • FISL


  • Deb Conf (Montreal) -looking for attendees
  • FLOCK - looking for attendees



  • OSCON London - looking for attendees
  • GNOME.Asia - placeholder for calendering purposes

  • Open Source India - looking for attendees


  • LAS GNOME (US)- placeholder for calendering purposes


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