Re: Gnome "opt-in" functionality.

With evolution, I believe what you're seeing is the
calendar/notification daemon. This is obviously there so people can
receive notifications from their calendar about upcoming events.
Tracker indexes the contents of your disk so other applications can
rapidly search. You possibly knew these points already.

As for removing them ... many gnome applications are linked against
tracker libraries, so to remove tracker, you'd have to recompile these
applications *without* tracker support. This is something you can do
easily in Gentoo, for example, and it's one of the reasons people like
Gentoo. Your only other option would be to remove gnome and build it
all manually - again - skipping tracker support. It seems like a lot
of pain to go through. With evolution, I appear to be able to remove
it without removing anything else.

On my system, when I start gnome ( I usually use Enlightenment ), I
see both tracker and evolution processes taking about 192MB of memory.
I have 16GB of memory, so they're taking about 1.17% of my total (
chip ) memory. That's not really of concern to me. Tracker is useful,
and I also have to use Evolution from time to time. Neither process
starts automatically for me when I start enlightenment anyway. How
much RAM do you have, out of interest? I understand your concern if
you're running an old Pentium 3 with 512MB of RAM - 192MB would bite a
significant chunk of available memory, though it would rapidly end up
in your swap space and not reside in chip RAM. Anyway, your
difficultly in removing these packages comes from the way your distro
built them, adding a run-time dependency. Try out Gentoo, and build
without the "tracker" USE flag.


On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 7:22 AM, Alvaro Kuolas <kuolas gmail com> wrote:
Hello gnome developers and gnome team!

I am a gnome user since the year 2000 (Version 1.2 days).

I really like the Gnome Shell 3, it's UI and UX.

The only downside I found it is the software that I do not use, but, cannot
be "opt-out" and be left out of the installation.

Specifically, I do not use and do not want Tracker and Evolution.

Even more, they are very difficult to eliminate and disable. They are using
memory and resources that are wasted (even more on a portable system).

They should be applications, that can be left out of the desktop, and not
"core" part of it.

It is possible to separate these parts or they are deeply embedded in the

Best regards!

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