Re: Linux Distro and coding ?

Hi Dolan,

From looking at the edit history for that page, it seems that the recommendation not to use Ubuntu is due to some things lacking maintainership on Ubuntu. So, it depends on your familiarity with the build process and willingness to fix build bugs that stand in your way. As you are just starting out with GNOME I would probably go for installing Fedora 24 for now, which in my opinion would be the most hassle-free experience.

Philip C

On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 3:21 AM Dolan Mcelmurry <dolanmcelmurry gmail com> wrote:


I see in the gnome wiki it suggests  you be running  Fedora  24 or 25 .

I actually  am considering  soon to install  Fedora  24 or 25 ? On my home computer  , which  currently  is running  these 2 Operating  Systems  :
Windows  10 (main partition  )
Xubuntu  Gnome Desktop  on another  partition .

So should  I try installing  Fedora
Or 25

On another  partition ?

I have  more  than  enough  hard drive  space 


Thanks  for  reading , replying  hopefully 

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