Re: File roller extracting with double click, bug/feature ?

Hello Baptiste,

Just want to clarify that you made a right choice of words depending on your intention.

If your intention was to see the why of this decision (a quick google search points to my blog post though) and vent, then it was fine, but this is not the place for venting, you have forums for that.

If your intention was to convince me and the ones involved in the feature that it was a bad decision, then saying "stupid" instead of "bad" accomplishes exactly the opposite, as it would happen with anyone that gives you something for free and you just tell them "this is stupid" with no more points at all and not even knowing that person :)

A thread that could be constructive, with clear points, a little study and roughly 2 emails became 12 kinda unrelated emails that I have no time to read.

I'll glad if next time that happens differently and we can actually take your points into consideration.

Best regards,
Carlos Soriano

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Subject: Re: File roller extracting with double click, bug/feature ?
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On 2016-11-12 18:00, Baptiste Saleil wrote:
> Hi all.
> File roller extract my archives in current directory by double click
> since 3.22
> Is this a bug or a feature ?
> If it's a feature, is there a bug report or discussion I can track to
> understand why devs choose to make this change ?
> IMHO, this is one of the most stupid features which is again probably
> copied from the full-of-stupid-features MacOS.
> I mean, if you really want to extract an archive in the current
> directory, there is the "Extract here" context menu entry, and it's
> literaly the same amount of clicks.

I would categorize it as a feature, but it might have certain surprising
behavior bits about it, that breaks yours and others expectations.
Probably a good candidate for some usability testing in the future.

Having extraction support in a file manager is also present in Midnight
Commander, Windows Explorer (from XP and forward), ES File Explorer on
Android and probably a bunch of others that I'm forgetting about right now.
As someone else pointed out in the thread, there is a checkbox to turn
it off in Nautilus.

-- Below is some documentation about how it came to be --

GSOC project idea:

GSOC project summary:

Here are some blog posts on the subject:

And the bug report that implements the functionality:

It was also in the news:

- Andreas
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