Demo showing usage of JSX to create the Guitar Tuner demo

Hello all,

I have made a demo which shows the usage of JSX to create the Guitar
Tuner Demo. JSX basically allows you to write sort of XML code inside
Javascript and got its fame due to the adoption of the ReactJS
framework for the web. I plan on creating something similar for GTK.
While the current project is only for Javascript, I want it

The following is the link to the project

Advantages of JSX
- Easily create UI using XML (sort of similar to GtkBuilder)
- Have code embedded within this XML (similar to templating)
- Pass around elements as if they were objects and compose them (thus
you can easily make reusable components)

Features of my demo:
- Use JSX to create the UI
- Use the latest ES6/7 syntax using Babel
- Import/export modules in the commonjs fashion using webpack
- Use packages from the nodejs ecosystem

All comments, suggestions and contributions are welcome.

P.S I am not sure if this is the correct mailing list

Megh Parikh

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