Re: gnome-session logging

On 20/05/16 13:40, Sebastian Geiger (Lanoxx) wrote:
1. I said _most_ above, because there is still a tiny amout of output
going to .xsession-errors

.xsession-errors is entirely a downstream thing, as far as I'm aware, so
you should talk to your distribution maintainers (in this case Ubuntu).
I think the relevant package is x11-common.

The display manager you are using (probably lightdm on Ubuntu, unless
you have deliberately installed a closer-to-upstream GNOME stack) is
also influential.

I believe that
gnome-session should be aware from which binary the output is coming
when it sends it to syslog.

This was implemented in GNOME 3.20.

The way to do this is not actually sd_journal_send(), but creating a
sd_journal_stream_fd() per child process and passing it to the child
process as its stdout and stderr. That's what gnome-session 3.20 does;
semi-recent dbus-daemon does the same for D-Bus-activated services.

The "syslog tag" is the complete well-known bus name for D-Bus-activated
services or the .desktop filename for gnome-session-started
applications, for example here are some from my syslog:

May 20 13:54:22 archetype org.gnome.OnlineAccounts[2722]:
(goa-daemon:2829): GoaBackend-WARNING **: secret_password_lookup_sync()
returned NULL
May 20 13:57:29 archetype sparkleshare.desktop[2946]: (mono:2964):
GLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID 16283 was not found when attempting to remove it

(GOA is a D-Bus service, Sparkleshare is an XDG autostart application
started by gnome-session.)

additionally the logs in the journal are
filed under two different "tags", one is "gnome-session" and another is

Anything in the GNOME session that opens its own logging stream will get
a separate logging tag, too.

Simon McVittie
Collabora Ltd. <>

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