GNOME Photos plans for 3.22

Hello everybody,

GNOME 3.20 was a busy cycle for Photos, with a lot of activity
from new contributors, and we want to carry that momentum into
3.22. While we have a roadmap [1] to list the priority bugs
and features for the near future, I want to draw your attention
to two big things that we want to achieve for GNOME 3.22.

* Uploads & sharing: Uploading and sharing to online accounts -
  Google, Facebook and Flickr [2]. (proposed for GSoC & Outreachy)

  I think it is time to integrate sharing more tightly into the
  content applications, and this is a step in that direction.
  Realistically speaking, we will target only one of the
  aforementioned providers and I am currently thinking of Google.
  Once the basic framework in place we can add more.

* Import from device: Importing images from cameras, SD cards and
  USB sticks [3].

  This is another thing that has, so far, been missing from the
  content applications, and I think it is a crucial feature when
  dealing with images.



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