Re: Collaboration on standard Wayland protocol extensions

On Sunday, March 27, 2016 4:34:37 PM CEST Drew DeVault wrote:
Greetings! I am the maintainer of the Sway Wayland compositor.

It's almost the Year of Wayland on the Desktop(tm), and I have
reached out to each of the projects this message is addressed to (GNOME,
Kwin, and wayland-devel) to collaborate on some shared protocol
extensions for doing a handful of common tasks such as display
configuration and taking screenshots. Life will be much easier for
projects like ffmpeg and imagemagick if they don't have to implement
compositor-specific code for capturing the screen!

I want to start by establishing the requirements for these protocols.
Broadly speaking, I am looking to create protocols for the following

- Screen capture
- Output configuration
- More detailed surface roles (should it be floating, is it a modal,
  does it want to draw its own decorations, etc)

Concerning own decoration we have implemented

We would be very happy to share this one. It's already in use in Plasma 5.6 
and so far we are quite satisfied with it. It's designed with convergence in 
mind so that it's possible to easily switch the modes (e.g. decorated on 
Desktop, not decorated on phone, no decorations for maximized windows, etc.).

I think especially for compositors like sway that can be very helpful. For Qt 
we implemented support in our QPT plugin for Plasma. So if sway wants to use 
it I can give you pointers on how to use it in your own QPT plugin (if you 
don't have one yet how to create it) and to use it to force QtWayland to not 
use the client side decorations.


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