Re: Collaboration on standard Wayland protocol extensions


On 28 March 2016 at 15:55, Drew DeVault <sir cmpwn com> wrote:

You're still not grasping the scope of this. I want you to run this
command right now:

man ffmpeg-all

Just read it for a while. You're delusional if you think you can
feasibly implement all of these features in the compositor. Do you
honestly want your screen capture tool to be able to add a watermark?
How about live streaming, some people add a sort of extra UI to read off
donations and such. The scope of your screen capture tool is increasing
at an alarming rate if you intend to support all of the features
currently possible with ffmpeg. How about instead we make a simple
wayland protocol extension that we can integrate with ffmpeg and OBS and
imagemagick and so on in a single C file.

Wait, what?

Why do we need an extension protocol for Wayland to add stuff to screen casts?

If you want to add watermarks, use a video editor on the output file.

If you want to add additional stuff on top of a live stream, use
something with a programmable pipeline that can add effects to the
stream coming from the compositor. Why do we need negotiation, or user
interation, or exchange of metadata for this stuff?


This thread is rapidly approaching escape velocity from all the
architecture astronauting…


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