Re: Collaboration on standard Wayland protocol extensions

Thanks for the links! I'll read through them. I figured that a
discussion like this had happened in the past around how to give clients
privledge, but I couldn't find anything that would allow them to
actually do the thing they were given permission to. We should flesh out
both parts of this model. I read over libwsm and it seems like a fairly
sane approach. I'd like to read the arguments for/against it.

This approach has generally be liked by KDE, but not by Gnome who, last i
heard, did not care about cross-platform apps doing privileged operations.
This may have changed since they also decided to work on sandboxing
(xdg-app) and implemented something like the following approach when they
said they would never do because it changed the API:

I would hope that our friends at Gnome aren't planning on implementing
software to cover every screen capturing use case in mutter! I'd like to
find a way to use OBS ( from Wayland, for

I really wish we can have everyone onboard on one solution to get these
cross-platform apps and so far, I do not see any better solution than WSM.

Well, I'm definitely on board. Sway is clearly a smaller project than
Gnome or KDE and I would rather not build the "Sway Desktop
Environment". I think we can arrive at some solutions that are in line
with the Unix way AND meet the goals of the big DEs.

Drew DeVault

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