Re: GTK+ plans for 3.22

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 12:02 PM, Christian Hergert
<christian hergert me> wrote:

Will you be implementing one of the design here?

My first and primary focus for the tab strip is for the panel-gtk case
in Builder. Not that I wouldn't like to implement those designs too, it
just might be a bit more restricted in use first (I do have an IDE to
write after all).

The nice thing about this being available in parallel to GtkNotebook
is that we don't _have_ to replace all the functions at the same time,
it can be incremental. If we have a somewhat simpler tab bar in 3.22
that  only covers half of the use cases where we today use notebooks,
thats just fine - we can keep using notebooks until the replacement is

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