Re: Installed tests - parallel installability

On Sun, 2016-03-13 at 15:33 +0100, Sébastien Wilmet wrote:

Currently the installed tests [1] of libraries are not parallel

Hi Sébastien,

  A.) The change that you propose for GTK+-3's install path for
      installed tests is harmless as far as I can see, no
      reason to object.

  B.) Claiming that they are not parallel installable is a bit

      When GTK+-4 is released, it should install it's tests in a
      separate path in order to be parallel installable with GTK+3,
      there is no reason why the current install path is a real
      problem looking forward.
      (they could continue to be installed in ...installed-tests/gtk+
      while GTK+-4 tests be installed in another directory).


For example the GTK+ tests are installed in:

When GTK+ 4 will be released, it would be nice to still run the GTK+
tests. Especially because GTK+ 3 will be advertised as more stable.
I guess this is true for any library (except when security holes are
fixed in old versions).

So for GTK+ 3, the tests should probably be installed in:



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