Re: Including content ratings in games

On Wed, Mar 09, 2016 at 01:57:07PM +0000, Richard Hughes wrote:
I've uploaded my prototype generator here: and I'd appreciate any feedback on
that. Some of the categories may be difficult to translate or may need
further (or better) examples, and so any comments on or off-list are
very welcome. Also, don't actually add anything to AppData files yet,
as the categories are nowhere close to being finalised. Thanks!

I think something like this could work, but it's just way too
complicated. If this is to be used for self-evaluation by projects for
purely informational purposes, categories can be merged.
So "Cartoon Violence" can be merged with "Fantasy Violence",
"Realistic depictions of bloodshed" and "Depictions of bloodshed and the mutilation of body parts"
can be replaced with "Depictions of bloodshed or mutilation of body parts".
I think you can drop "Humor" totally, it's legal in most jurisdictions after all.
Likewise, everywhere where there's four choices three would suffice.

Actually I think it'd be really great to reduce all questions to
binary choice, "no or negligible", "noticable i.e. yes".
And there's no need to ask separately about intersection of categories,
e.g. "sexual violence" could go away.
This would remove the number of questions by 50-70% and make it possible
to fill in with a few clicks.


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