Another look at 3.20 bugs

Here is another instance of my popular 'blocker bug status' mail.
Again, thanks to everybody
who fixed one of the bugs from last weeks list.  As anticipated, I
have started to move dependency cleanup bugs off the list - we should
spend the last weeks of the cycle focusing
on crashes and other serious issues.

Dependency cleanup

760887  NetworkManager  Do not depend on deprecated libnm-glib or
dbus-glib when we only want to build the new libnma library
705069  gnome-music     Port from dbus-python to Gio GDBus API

Theme/UI issues

760560  gtk+    Icon buttons wider in GTK+ 3.19.6
762058  gnome-mines     No distinction between revealed and hidden tiles
757243  gnome-initial-  Obscure input methods prioritised in the list
745603  gnome-control-  Language dialog has incorrect default size
761765  bijiben         Notes have a grey background rather than a custom color

Wayland support

760745  mutter  100% CPU : Error transferring wayland clipboard to X11
762104  mutter  handle dnd drops on the root window
760567  gtk+    GDK screen size does not count for HiDPI on Wayland
756579  gtk+    GTK should let GDK position menus
758167  gnome-shell     Not able to reply in notifications on Wayland
695806  general         [TRACKER] Wayland support
748098  gdm     monitors.xml not working in GDM when running under Wayland


762703  nautilus        Nautilus crashing when trying to open loopback device
762763  mutter  mutter crash with MetaStartupNotificationSequenceX11
762250  gvfs    fuse daemon crashes when exiting
762907  gnome-shell     gnome-shell crashes after undocking
754951  gnome-session   gnome-session-3.16.0 crashed
761988  gnome-music     Music crashes when click on undo button.
755721  glib    g_inotify_file_monitor_start called with nullpointer
for dirname causes a segfault
762838  evince  Browser plugin crash in NPP_Destroy if tab closed when
search box is open


761175  librsvg         Svg rendering regression from commit 3ae509 onwards
762974  gtk+    GtkWindow: gtk_window_set_default_size() does not work
with fixed size windows
758893  gnome-shell     Journal spam: Gdk-WARNING **: gdk-frame-clock:
layout continuously requested, giving up after 4 tries

762931  gnome-shell     Shutdown/Log Out buttons in Wayland session
don't terminate the session or shut down the system
750508  gnome-session   Logout is broken (a) when session inhibitor is
active and (b) after logout is canceled once
758575  gnome-disk-uti  Accessible event spam when creating/restoring
disk images

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