SVG rendering - Librsvg and Lasem


This is a message I intended to write for some times, but the Toronto hackfest notes gives me incentives to actually send it.

In these notes, there is a paragraph saying Benjamin seems not too happy with librsvg.

And in fact, there is this library, Lasem, I have started to work on some years ago, that could be considered as a librsvg replacement:

Good things about lasem:

- It is based on gobjects
- It has a DOM like API
- It has a quite extensive support of the SVG 1.1 specification, similar to librsvg
- It is as fast, if not faster, than librsvg
- It uses less memory than librsvg
- It has introspection support
- It has gtk-doc support
- There is a test suite, with an automatic check on a selection of test files - As a bonus, it also renders MathML (well, it started as a mathml renderer under gmathml name)

Bad things about lasem:

- Text support is a joke, but librsvg does not shine here neither
- No CSS suport
- Almost nobody uses it
- There is only one developper, and not very active these days (that's me) - twice the size of code compared to lirsvg (but it has mathml rendering...)

So I would appreciate any feedback regarding lasem design and implementation, or any comment about the possibility of using lasem as a replacement of librsvg.



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