Re: Continuous Builds in GNOME

On Mon, Jun 06, 2016 at 07:05:49PM +0200, Milan Crha wrote:
There is a bug to make more structures in Camel GObject based [2], to
be able to introspect it in a much easier way and so on. That change
will not be only a simple API change, it'll break core Camel things,
everything what uses it. If you open the [2], then I listed affected
projects at the end of the comment #5. It counts 18 projects. Maybe
there are more. I do not think I'd be able to coordinate the change in
a side branch for all of them, I (we) will surely provide patches in
the bugzilla around the time of the change landing, then it'll be up to
the respective maintainers to pick or reject them. What will the
Continuous do during this "broken period" is something I do not know. I
only know that the change will be for good. Introspection support for
the Mail part is good, I believe. Trying to revert such change in the
eds would hurt very much, no doubt.

There is a solution: bump the major version of Camel or EDS each time an
API or ABI break is unavoidable, making the new major version
parallel-installable with the previous ones. And that, every 6 months if
needed (or one year if the development cycle is longer for the
Evolution-related projects).

Distros might not like that, but packagers should be encouraged to drop
old major versions if it is no longer used by any package.

(As a more practical matter, instead of hardcoding the API/major version
a bit everywhere in the build system, see how it is done at:
with @LIBRARY_API_VERSION@ in the etc. That way the API
version can be bumped easily).

One of the initial goals of developing a shared library is to reduce
memory consumption. But with systems like Flatpak, that goal is fading
away: there will be a new GNOME runtime version every 6 months. And with
today's computers, is it more important to save, say, 100MB of memory,
or to fluidize the development and ease big refactorings?


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